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Valentine'S Day 

During the period of 2/10 -  2/14  we can only provide 5 Choice for during this

Valentine's Day . Due to limited staffing & supply restriction.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.  

The delivery time will be from 9-6pm on

2/10 -  2/14 


We Provide 2 types of  designer's Choice 

BQ1  /  BQ 2 

 $ 125 /  $185

* Bouquets (no vase) includes a small reservoir of the water at the bottom and  Wrapping paper packing with gold heart sign & "LOVE" & Valentine's  card


We Provide 3  types of designer's choice 

    L1   /   L2    /  Extra Large 

$99 / $ 149 / $ 239

Arrangement (with vase ) and Wrapping paper packing with gold heart sign & "LOVE" & Valentine's  Card.

Special For You

This year ,

We have a well prepare for your beloved one ,

We will be using Rose, Hydrangea, Tulips, Ranunculus Cymbidium Anemone with seasonal flowers to design the best arrangement for you .

Since I cannot guarantee the varieties of flower available ,I will pick the most fresh and beautiful flowers in season.

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